Tapas Gastronomiques

Assiette Serano and manchego or cheese platter

Tapas cazera
A napoleon of Shitaki mushrooms topping red cabage, spinach and duck confit

Ceviche del Mar
Salad of jumbo sea scallops served with layers of shrimp, calamar and pickled condiments

Escargots de Bourgogne
Snails served with garlic, shallots in a light pernod and butter sauce over ratatouille

Basque style squid in a ink sauce

Roasted boneless Quail
Stuffed with a dry fruits nougat in red dubonnet vermouth sauce

Foie gras poele
A slice of duck foie gras seared, over poached pears with a marsala, balsamic and sherry effusion

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